What clients and the media are saying!

What clients and the media are saying!

Joanne Tym, as seen in the Daily Mail

"It has been life changing as 57 years of depression has been lifted on my mind. I now no longer need anti depressants and look forward to the future with more hope"


Lisa Palmer, as seen on ITV Daybreak and The Sun

"I had suffered from weekly migraines for over 30 years and I was taking 4 pills a week, I had tried everything and thought there was no cure. I was sceptical as I had previously been hypnotised with no results so when I came to see Nicolas I was immediately put at ease and knew I was in safe hands. Remembering I was hit on the head in a past-life completely cleared my migraines, who would have thought it? It's been amazing and life changing. No more pain and pills. Thank you so much Nicolas, wish I had met you years ago"

Rubikin, as seen in the Daily Mail

"Since October 2014 when I came for the session, I've noticed it has instilled a lot of confidence within myself. I feel at ease and empowered to speak out more openly about who I am, I'm no longer willing to shy away from society. Also it has helped my body image issues, I've managed to lose half my body weight, around 5 stone since then, which I feel was connected with emotions I was carrying. I have clarity of who I am and no longer seek validation.'

Sam Kay, Big Brother 2015 star as seen in Daily Star

'My heart is racing, body is buzzing and mind is so high after another fab Mind Body Buzz session with Nicolas. It's really helped me feel high, lose weight and improve my sex life. Amazing'

Nicola Kelleher, as seen in Spirit & Destiny

"I've had severe digestive problems since I was young and I tried so many alternatives and medicines. Remembering the past-life of Marcus who was stabbed in the stomach helped reduce my IBS symptoms"

Abigail Drummond, as seen in the Daily Mirror

"Before the Regression, I had arranged to have physiotherapy on my right shoulder - but I cancelled this immediatey after my 2 sessions my pain vanished. I've also noticed a big improvement in my asthma and am using my inhaler much less"

Sherrie Jenner, as seen in the Daily Mail

"I remembered the past life of a young boy who had lost his right eye through a fire that helped explain why I got re-occurring migraines. Three months later, I still haven't had a single migraine. A few years ago, my optician noticed something at the back of my eye and I was referred to a surgeon who told me it was scarring. He didn't know what had caused it or if it was related to my migraines, but said it had probably been there since birth. Now I think I've found the explanation"

Jeanne Trendhill, as seen in Daily Mail

When Nicolas released me from my past lives, I had an intense feeling of loss, as if I was saying goodbye to someone I knew very well. It was incredibly powerful. After a few days, I started to feel calmer, and the knot in my stomach seemed to loosen. I went from having 20 bad IBS days a month to just five, and it’s remained at that level ever since. I know it’s thanks to the therapy. It released something deep inside me.’

Jo Kingston, as seen in Chat Magazine

"I'd always suffered from Rhinitis (blocked nose & laboured breathing) and fear of water. Remembering  I was drowned by an obsessive lover in a past-life really helped my symptoms. I can now breathe properly through my nose and have finally embraced swimming in my 40's. It's been life changing"

Kimberley Wyld, as seen in The Sun and Irish Examiner

In my past-life a beam fell and hit me on the left side of the head . at the point where my migraines always struck. Since the session I haven't had any migraines, despite experiencing stress. I'd recommend Regression therapy to anyone. It's painless”

David Thomas, London

"Just wanted to thank you for all your help. The past few sessions have done more for me than the 3 years of counselling and psychotherapy I had previously tried. Having been depressed for so many years I found it very helping to work through childhood situations through Hypnotherapy has really cleared away the dark cloud hanging over my head. I feel alive again and have got my life back on track. Your truly an angel in disguise"

Rachel Robins, Los Angeles

"Just wanted to thank you for your insightful Astrology reading, it really touched on many things that have been going on in my marriage and career. After feeling so confused for some time, I now feel clear headed to take the next step forward. Thanks for all the advice and support"

Amanda Johnson, Los Angeles

I've always enjoyed reading your column in the Beverly Hills Times that when I found myself standing at a personal crossroad in life, I had to consult you for a personal reading. I really enjoyed your honest, up-front and in-depth approach at what was going on around me and the coming year. And by the way you were so spot on about that guy in my life, it turned out just as you predicted. Thank you for being my anchor”

Paul Wilson, New York

"I used to suffer from asthma and stomach pains but that's all in the past now thanks to Nicolas. I came out of curiosity but after re-living the life of a sailor who was shot in the stomach has helped me let go off old fears and baggage. My breathing has improved and my stomach pains are no more. Keep up the good work Nicolas" 

Mary-Ann Ellen, London

"Ever since I was a young child I get these pounding chest pains that would just come and go. My mother used to think they were heartburn whilst the doctors didn't take it seriously. I came through a  recommendation by a friend, I was nervous but Nicolas put me at ease with his calming nature. I remembered the past life of a young man stabbed in the heart by his lover, it felt like a double blow. As the days passed, I noticed the chest pains were no more to my surprise and it's really helped me overcome my relationship fears. I feel great. Thank you Nicolas"

Flict Everett, Daily Mail

"I'm amazed at the vividness of the regressions. I feel I've had light shed on issues that have puzzled me all my life. It helped to explain my insomnia and anxiety"

Tanith Carey, Spirit & Destiny

"My session with Nicolas allowed me to understand the origin of my pessimism and why I lack belief in people which enabled me to adopt a more positive view of life. Returning to my past-lives has also explained some of my choices and drive in life, like writing 3 parenting books"

Zara Rabinowicz, Psychologies Magazine

"I was a Roman soldier in my past-life and spent nights holding a spear in preparation for battle. I had to admit that I do clench my fists during restless nights in my present life and the gentle exercises under hypnosis had me letting go off the spear. I have stopped clenching my hands when I try to sleep and my body doesn't automatically tense itself any more"

Lauren J. Irwin, Hollywood Actress and UN Youth Ambassador

"Seeing my future self through Future Life Progression helped me realise that it's time to break down the walls I'd built up around me. As a result I've re-gained my self-confidence and self-esteem. Thank you so much Nicolas"

Lizzie Cundy, TV-Presenter

"I felt so relieved by the experience, it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It explains so much as I've always had this constant need to please my partner and can see how I've let others over-power my life, just as Anne did. Since the Regression I now feel so much stronger and have definitely turned a corner. I'm not fearful. Much more determined and have finally found my voice to speak up for myself. I no longer feel the need to please others to feel worthwhile"

Hannah Williams, former staff writer for Emap Healthcare

"Nicolas has a profoundly calming presence. I received a past-life regression session with him as a gift and was initially sceptical but after being taken into a deeply relaxed meditative state and connected with what transpired to be a hard working 19th century women, I found great insight into my life and what drives, motivates and limits me. As a former journalist working in the field of alternative health and well-being I have tried all sorts of meditative practises but this was without doubt the most focused and useful. Whether you believe that the past-lives you connect with in a session with Nicolas really happened is irrelevant: what is useful is how it helps you better understand and make peace with yourself. He is truly fantastic at what he does"

Christine Fieldhouse, Sunday Express

"I'd always been interested in past life regression and was ecstatic when Nicolas agreed to work with me but in the days before our session, I was nervous and apprehensive about undergoing hypnotherapy and being regressed. I needn't have worried - Nicolas was a real professional, and despite being hypnotised, I felt in control at all times. He explained the whole process succinctly beforehand and then guided me though my past life.

My experience was at times frightening, funny, heroic and emotional - there was laughter and there were tears as I followed in the footsteps of Hilde, a 19-year-old Dutchwoman who rescued a truck of prisoners and lived as a recluse for many years before finding love in her Forties. Afterwards, as I worked with Nicolas to analyse my emotions and experience, I felt I was in good, safe hands, and he showed a maturity and wisdom that would be more fitting of a man twice his age."

Sonia Shah, Daily Record and Asian Woman

"Since my journey into the past, I've developed a healthier state of mind, an inner strength and a better understanding to confront situations more constructively. I'm still revelling in the afterglow of the experience, which always helps when something unpleasant comes along. It all makes sense now"

Sophie Reade, Winner of Big Brother 2009

"It was really interesting and I found many parallels between now and my past-life. I would recommend past life regression with Nicolas to anyone, it is really intriguing"

Suzanne Takowsky, Editor of The Beverly Hills Times magazine

“Nicolas' intriguing talent and remarkable insight has made his monthly astrological columns in the Beverly Hills Times magazine a 'must read' for our Hollywood celebrity and VIP audience. His high energy and cutting edge approach offers clear and precise zodiac guidelines for the ultimate in personal fulfilment and professional success. I applaud his dedication to his work and the determination he brings forth helping people over come obstacles and reach their full potential in life

Kate Whiting, Chat Magazine

“The idea of finding out my past life was intriguing. Moments later, I was transported to Paris in the early 1800s, where I'd been a women named Marianne Deveraux. She took my hand and told me to not be afraid and to do something that would make a difference to other people's lives. I've been thinking for ages about volunteering and it's definitely something I will do now”

Abigail Jackson, Chat Magazine

“Moments later, as Jeremy, I'm walking through cobbled streets with horse drawn carriages whizzing past. For the next hour, I re-live Jeremy's adventures, sailing the seas, exploring the jungles of Africa and India. It made me remember just how important it is to follow your own path in life”

Sue Blake, Media Expert

"Nicolas is an extremely eloquent and personable man who is clearly passionate about his work AND helping people move on within their lives. The extent of his expertise, and gravitas within it, is inspiring"

Sharon Sliver, President of Maidenhead Spiritualist Church

" I felt so comfortable and relaxed during the Regression process. You have a very professional approach and a very gentle manner. Looking into my past lives was an incredible experience. I discovered that there are strong parallels between my past lives and the life that I lead today with many experiences that I can relate to now.”

Find Your Way“Inner conflict can easily manifest as an outer struggle, seek the source of your illusions for the inner journey leads to outer success, change your heart and you can change your life for the wise one is flexible as water and always finds the way” - Nicolas Aujula, Nov 2002

© Nicolas Aujula 2002-2017


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