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"Nicolas Aujula is a leading expert and life coach who has worked with international royalty, celebrities and politicians as seen in the Daily Mail, The Sun and Daily Express. He offers a calm and supportive quick-result approach to help you improve confidence and self-esteem, overcome fears & phobias, work through addictions and depression, deal with self image and weight, resolve relationship and sexual problems"

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What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

In simple terms, hypnosis is best described as an altered or changed kind of consciousness. A client in a hypnotic state is really only in a hyper-relaxed state of mind. They are fully conscious, but so relaxed that they are not distracted by the flurry of ‘everyday thoughts’ that prevent us from examining the world or ourselves in a meaningful way most of the time.

Achieving this hypnotic state lets you connect with your internal subconscious mind in order to deal fully with memories and experiences that have affected your development, and may still be influencing your decision making in unseen or misunderstood ways. You will experience a greater receptivity to suggestions, questioning, and imagery, which makes it easier for you to make meaningful life changes.

Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Analysis with Nicolas Aujula can make fast and permanent changes to your life, your 2 hour appointment or 3 session course can be tailored to treating life areas or problems, including:

- Anxiety and Panic Attacks

- Anger Management

- Confidence and Self-Esteem

- Depression

- Relationship Problems

- Fears & Phobias

- Insomnia

- Addictions and Dependency

- Sexual Problems

- Stress Management and Relaxation

- Taboo behaviours

- Weight Loss

- Chronic pain or health problems

Nicolas uses Hypnotherapy to cure problems at a deep level of consciousness. He can help you bring about real physical, emotional or mental changes by harnessing the power of your mind, and helping you overcome your own challenges and difficulties. Experiencing the hypnotic state relaxes the mind and body on fundamental levels, allowing tension and stress to drift away. It is in this very relaxed frame of mind that positive suggestions for health and happiness can more easily be accepted and implemented to achieve the personal goals and desires you wish to work on.

Nicolas Aujula can help you achieve this hypnotic state, and guide you through the experience using his unique perceptions and the careful skill he has learned helping others in this way for years. Once you have found this hypnotic state, he will work with you to discover deep truths about yourself, and to begin making the changes you want and need to see in the way you deal with the world, your family, or your career.

The benefits of a course of Hypnotherapy include an increased ability to produce desirable changes in your life, the establishment of positive habits, improved self-image, the attainment of a healthier lifestyle, and improved personal health. Using this completely confidential, personalised therapy, it is possible to change unwanted patterns, allowing you to move on and make your life what you know it really should be.


Nicolas Aujula’s sessions are further enhanced through Hypno-Analysis, which is a unique technique using hypnosis to uncover repressed emotional or psychological memories that affect your current thinking and behaviour. It will help uncover the underlying anxiety that is at the core of so many people’s symptoms. These anxieties can be caused by hidden emotion, trauma, shock, fears or feelings that have not been recognised or released, and therefore have not been dealt with in an appropriate way.

Often, a person cannot move on from these feelings finds themselves stuck in an undesirable but inescapable pattern. The use of Hypno-Analysis dramatically speeds up this emotional release and positive results can often be achieved within a few weeks as opposed to the months or years conventional therapy can take to show similar results.

The facts of Hypnosis:

- It is the subject who allows the altered state of mind to occur, enabling physical and emotional healing.

- The hypnotic state can only be arrived at through cooperation, and cannot be imposed on the patient.

- A hypnotised patient certainly will not accept suggestions unless they choose to go along with them. The patient is in control of themselves the whole time.

- Hypnosis is not sleep nor is it normal wakefulness; the body remains at rest while the mind is alert and aware.

- Hypnosis facilitates the acceptance of suggestions, therefore bringing forth quick and dramatic changes.

- The subject is guided into a pleasant, relaxed state where inner concentration can be focused on positive and meaningful goals.

To book a session or for more information email nicolas.aujula@email.com to discuss your needs and requirements

Living through Example “Through changing ourselves we can change the world, for through our own good conduct we can encourage and inspire others to take note, let your actions in life be your very own signature” - Nicolas Aujula, Nov 2002

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